brand creation

more than just a logo


A professional, distinctive and engaging brandmark is integral to a brands success. In an ideal world a new brand or brand update begins with a well thought out brand strategy and a clear understanding of where that brand is, wants and needs to be in the market place. Brand Creation means creating a new look and feel across the brands entire range of communications, including new photography, copywriting, design, advertising and brand guidelines, to create a synergy across all communications and across an entire range of print and digital media.

Brand Names

New Brands
Our branding design work sometimes requires us to come up with a name for a new brand. Often a client will come to us after they’ve been working away for several months, sometimes years! Coming up with a distinctive engaging and memorable name for a company, brand or product is definitely a job for a creative team. And it’s made all the more challenging by the fact that brands are global, so finding a name that ticks all the boxes and where the domain name is also available, can be quite a challenge, but it’s a really exciting process and it’s something we love doing.

Renaming Existing Brands
Sometimes we’re asked to rename an existing brand, company or organisation. Usually this is because their existing name limits their development or expansion in some way. For example, where a company has a name that links them to a local area but they provide services Australia wide or across the globe. Often clients feel they have taken their brand as far as they can with their existing name, and they need to make a change in order to move forward.

Brand Guidelines

Collateral Template design

When Origin rebranded the company, ThompsonCooke was asked to design the entire range of LP Gas collateral templates. A huge task, but one that we loved working on. A corporate bible (folder) was put together with strict rules and guidelines for all aspects of collateral, colours, font, typography, photography and all forms of print and electronic media including all corporate literature, point of sale and vehicle signage.