A new look for an established company



greyArmy are an established Australian company, supplying tradesmen and women for a wide range of services. greyArmy puts customer service at the heart of everything they do. Their network of skilled tradespeople is diverse and are not necessarily ‘grey’. While domestic services remain the core of the business, they are also recognised in the community as a source of all home and property maintenance services. greyArmy have a broad range of clients from commerce, industry, government, community groups and retailers. The company is expanding into aged care and re-training services.


greyArmy required a new brand and corporate iD, that can be adapted to cover the entire range of services the group is offering now, and in the future. Branding was continued into colourways onto all the ‘grey’ collateral.


The branding for greyArmy had to be bold, simple and very adaptable, it also needed to have the 'feel' of the previous brand so as not to alienate existing clientel. A font (which has print & digital formats) with many weights was chosen. The 'grey' is consistent across the entire group with the different services depicted by colour and weight of typeface.

The branding for greyCare is adapted from the greyArmy brand, 'grey' being a consistent weight, size and colour across all services. greyCare uses the lightest weight of typeface available for a more delicate, softer look & feel. The light blue colour can be used as a bold background or to highlight 'Care' within the brand. This colour was previously used in greyArmy services, and has been carried over to the new corporate iD for consistency with existing clientele. The blue of greyCare is used throughout the Corporate iD, in the base uniform colour, on transportation and throughout all collateral. A combination of the grey of 'grey' and the light blue creates a unique look for the care service but keeps within the 'grey' corporate feel.

greyHub is being created as a re-training facility for people to transform their working life. Many Australians are required to work further into their life, greyHub offers reference material, staff and work experience, so people can transform into different sectors of work, or re-train in their chosen field. Many of the greyHub participants continue working in the greyCare or greyArmy fields of work.


With each ‘grey’ business we produced a tagline that described the core element of that particular ‘grey’ business and updated the exisiting tagline.
greyArmy - Tradies you can trust.
greyCare - Carers you can count on.
greyHub - Courses and advice to rethink your working life.


When choosing the typeface for ‘grey’ we had to be mindful of existing clientele and existing franchises. The previous greyArmy brand was bold and forceful but didn’t suit the greyCare business or many of the potential future ‘grey’ business’s. The choice of font was a major challenge as it had to be very legible, simple, adaptable to all collateral and come in many weights and available in web and print formats. The ‘grey’ brand uses the Akrobat typeface family for all communications. The Akrobat typeface is highly legible, clean and has a simple modern feel that is required for the grey brand. Layouts are uncluttered, clean and very legible. Akrobat is a modern sans serif font with condensed proportions. It’s narrow proportions makes it perfect for headlines, typographic compositions and short paragraphs of text.


The greyArmy and greyCare brands were launched without fanfare and fitted right into the day to day running of the company. Franchises find the new brand very easy to use. The greyHub will be launched in the near future.