The Reverse V project

a collaboration between Tom Curren and Maurice Cole



The Reverse V Project is a true creative collaboration, between renowned surfer/shaper Maurice Cole, world champion surfer Tom Curren and surf journalist Nick Carroll.

The Reverse V project re-creates one of the greatest surfboard quivers in modern surfing history. Between 1990 and 1992, renowned designer and shaper Maurice Cole built six magic surfboards for Tom Curren. With these breakthrough designs underfoot, Tom went on to win the World Surfing Title/the legendary Trials-to-Title world pro surfing championship. He then followed up with his singular Hawaii tour victory at the 1991Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa.


The Reverse V Collectors Edition contains six surfboards shaped by Maurice to the exact specifications of the originals, as well as a limited edition case bound book, written by surf journalist Nick Carroll and designed by ThompsonCooke Creative. The book features the story of how the Reverse V was developed and how it revolutionised surfboard design. In the process, Maurice developed the Reverse V rocker design, turning convention on its head and opening the door to the high performance surfboard magic of the ‘90s and beyond.


The Reverse V brandmark is a calligraphic play on the "R" - Reversed, and the "V". The colour depicts the rails of the famous 6' 8" - Reverse V "sticker-less" board surfed by Tom Curren at Backdoor Pipeline, on which he performed what many surf experts consider to be the finest single surfing turn ever - a magnificent full rail cutback!

Website, Merchandise, and Trade Show Signage.

The Reverse V website features information and images about the collectors edition surfboards, book and merchandise. The site incorporates a blog for the latest news on Maurice and Tom and their Reverse V travels, as well as an online shop and order form. We designed the Reverse V Project proposal and helped manage the Australian arm of the project. We created a distinctive Reverse V brand mark, a large format collectors edition coffee table book, marketing material, merchandise, website, and digital newsletter that’s regularly updated with the latest in Reverse V news.


We designed the branding, website limited edition case bound book, launch collateral, banners for the launch t-Shirts and everything else need to help make the project to ensure a successful project launch on a worldwide scale. With a limited budget and partners spread across the globe this project was and still is a challenge, but one that we are hugely passionate about.


The Reverse V project was launched in Southern California at "The Boardroom Show". There was exceptional interest in both the project and the Collector Editions. Many enquiries and subscriptions to the Reverse V Newsletter were received via the website. The Reverse V Project launched in California at "The Boardroom Show" with great interest from the world surfing community. Further promotions are planned/took place in America, Brazil, Japan, France and Australia.