The Reverse V project

a collaboration between Tom Curren and Maurice Cole



The Reverse V Project is re-creating one of the greatest quivers in modern surfing history: six magic surfboards, built for Tom Curren by Maurice Cole between 1990 and 1992. With these boards underfoot, Tom set off to win his legendary Trials-to-Title world pro surfing championship, and followed it up with his singular Hawaii tour victory at the Hawaiian Pro in 1991 at Haleiwa. In the process, Maurice developed the reverse vee rocker design, turning convention on its head and opening the door to the high performance magic of the ‘90s and beyond.


We developed the Reverse V Project proposal and are managing the Australian arm of the project. We created the brand mark, developed marketing materials, all merchandise, a website, a regular digital newsletter and a large format collectors edition coffee table book.


With a limited budget and partners spread across the globe this project was and still is a challenge, one that we are passionate about.


The Reverse V Project launched in California at "The Boardroom Show" with much interest shown within the surfing community. Further promotions are planned in America, Brazil, Japan, France and Australia.