Empowering amputees in life through sport



The START foundation is a not for profit organisation with offices in Melbourne, START foundation empowers amputees in life through sport, by providing grants to purchase sports prosthesis or adaptive equipment, to help them achieve their sporting dreams.


Branding and Website design.
The existing START foundation brand, although bright, did not convey a clear message for the foundation. A unique, recognisable, adaptable and unforgettable brand was required. The existing website wasn’t responsive, was very complicated to update and had a very ‘old school’ look and feel.


Asset consolidation is always a major concern for clients. Great photography and engaging copy is a must for any website. START foundation engaged ThompsonCooke Creative to rewrite copy to have a consistent tone of voice throughout the site. Each recipient supplied some greatly needed high resolution images and general photography was sourced through very generous partners.

As a ‘Not For Profit’ budget was understandably a major concern. We worked with START foundation to choose a CMS that suited their functionality requirements and was within their budget.


The brand we created for START foundation features bold, strong typography, to make a statement in all media, the bright and colourful palette (adapted from the existing brand) is unmistakeable. To show the compassion the foundation has for its recipients (through personal experience) we used a bold powerful heart shape, this when turned on its side, represents the start of a journey for the foundations recipients, the beginning of a brighter future.

The START foundation website is designed around the people they help, the recipients of the foundations sporting grants. Each sportsman/woman has their own page with photography, testimonials and a description of their achievements. The website includes a grants application page, which recipients can fill out online, an upcoming events page which people can join online and a news page (blog) that is updated regularly, with the latest START events and funding activities. Donations to START foundation can be made directly through the website, which generates a receipt to the Donator and the foundation. Functionality is responsive; meaning it adapts for use on all digital platforms. Navigation for iPad and iPhone is interactive and engaging, via ‘quick-link’ images. (There's also main navigation tabs for desktop use.)

We also designed a Favicon to work in conjunction with the START brand. This graphic device will be used across a range of social media platforms and merchandise. Technically, a Favicon is the image that is placed beside the URL in your browser window, but we believe they can be used to promote the brand in many media platforms.


Wow, I feel a real sense of pride when it comes on screen. It’s such a compelling statement of what we do! Thanks ThompsonCooke Creative. Awesome!
Michelle Jelleff - START foundation, Founding Director/Chair