Florentino Restaurant

a melbourne institution



Florentino in Bourke Street is a Melbourne institution. The original restaurant went through a major renovation in 1990, under the guidance of the Podgor Group. Original features were kept where possible, wood panelling was refurbished and modern touches, like french chandeliers and art deco wrought iron were placed throughout the dining spaces.


A unique brand was created, one that worked with the art deco characteristics of the restaurant. All new menu’s were created for all three dining spaces, to match with the conservative yet opulent decore. Branding was carried into all areas of the dining experience, right down to the toothpicks.


One of the many challenges in this project was to match the hide on the menu covers to the seat upholstery, many hides were sourced and shaved, then painstakingly wrapped around all main restaurant menu’s. This effect was continued (in print) throughout the further dining venues.


A typographical solution for the brand uses an adapted italic font, with hand drawn swooshs. A very restrained colour pallette along with quality materials are used in every aspect of the corporate iD. This fits with the luxurious interior and quality service you would expect to find at Florentino restaurant.


Florentino opened to a fabulous reception by critics and patrons. The design was awarded an MADC (Melbourne Art Directors Club) certificate of commendation in the ‘best corporate image’ category.