Kestrel Australia

Renaming and Rebranding after 25 years in business



After 25 years in business, Packenham Doors and Screens had well and truly outgrown their local name, their branding and their design. They were in need of a total makeover to reflect their position as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of Security Doors, Insect Screens, Shower Screens, Wardrobes and Mirrors.


We were briefed to create a new Name, Brandmark, Corporate iD, Brand Guidelines, Responsive Website, Signage and Van Graphics.


The new name needed to be memorable, distinctive, engaging, Australian and preferably just one word. Being relevant and memorable was paramount. In these days of global brands, it's often quite difficult to find a name that ticks all the boxes and where the company and domain name is also available.


Company Name

After going through an extensive naming process and producing a long list of possible names, we came up with a short list of just 6. Interestingly, there was one that stood out for us all, and that was Kestrel. The Australian Kestrel is a Falcon, whose distinctive straight-winged hovering habit makes identification easy. Whether hovering over crops and grasslands, coastal cliffs in windy areas or in city locations, the Australian Kestrel considers the big picture before deciding on the best course of action - clever, precise, agile and supremely adaptable. These distinctive attributes reflect the company’s attitude to their business, products and customers.


The Kestrel Brandmark was designed to be visually engaging and reflect the strength, precision and adaptability of the newly named company. A bold depiction of an Australian Kestrel was developed using graphic shapes and smooth colour graduations. The colours selected feature in the wings of the Australian Kestrel. The typeface Museo was chosen for its bold and distinctive look, it’s availability in print and web fonts, a multitude of weights, as well as its serif and san-serif options. This ensured it was adaptable enough to be used throughout the project, for a whole range of print and digital formats.

Corporate Identity

The new Kestrel brand works well/adapts for use onto business cards, letterheads and stickers. A spot gloss was used to highlight the Kestrel graphic and business cards were matt laminated to ensure their durability for sales and installation staff. A single colour sticker with phone number was designed for use on all installed products - providing easy reference for repeat business.


The Kestrel Showroom and Factory were repainted and updated with the new name and branding. Way-finding signage separates the workshop from the retail entrance. The corporate colours were carefully matched to Dulux paints for the factory exterior. The new look has had a huge impact in the streetscape. Kestrel's vans were also updated with the new branding, to create a fleet of eye-catching moving billboards for the company.

Web Design & Development

The new website is designed to be visually engaging and purpose built to make the experience of researching, comparing and ordering easier than ever before. The wide range of products, and specifications on offer is communicated in the most user friendly way possible. Simple, clean and precise navigation draws the viewer through the site to discover the products and options available and allows them to get a personalised quote with a range of variations and options available.

Quote Cart

A major component of the Kestrel website was the development of a specialised quote cart. It allows clients to specify selected products in the design, size, colour and mesh type they require, with a multitude of optional extras available. They can also see how the price alters with each specification selected. Kestrel can then confirm all requirements with each client before purchase and can regulate orders within the website CMS and sales staff use tablets to instantly confirm pricing onsite.


The detailed technical photography used throughout the site was photographed by Igor Sapina and art directed by ThompsonCooke Creative, to ensure it reflected Kestrel’s ongoing commitment to high quality products.