lightfoot wheels

a true craftsman



Lightfoot Wheels is a small engineering workshop owned and run by Phil DeGruchy in Melbourne, Australia. Phil specialises in the restoration of spoked wheels for cars and motorcycles, from vintage to modern and everything in between. Phil and the team at Lightfoot Wheels have the skills, expertise and experience to restore any type of spoked wheel for any type of bike or car. Over the years they’ve restored heaps of rare motorcycle wheels, and only recently a quartet of Ferrari wheels and even faithfully reproduced a set of rare Sopwith Camel wheels.


ThompsonCooke Creative were briefed to create a new responsive website to highlight the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Phil and the team bring to each and every project. The website includes video footage, image sequences and information on all aspects of wheel building and restoration as well as covering everything from wheel rims to tyres and brakes.

In terms of functionality, the website is responsive and easy to navigate, making the process of finding information and ordering as simple as possible. It also includes a 'Journal' so Phil can update his customers and other enthusiasts with relevant information, interesting stories and the latest projects. A youtube channel was set up as part of the project, so new video’s can be uploaded and linked to the website as required. Followers are also encouraged to sign up to the ‘Lightfoot Wheels Newsletter’.


Over the years Phil and the team have worked on thousands of motorcycles and a huge range of different styles of wheels, so we thought it would be interesting to highlight each of the different and unique bikes with specific project pages. So from Honda’s to Harley’s they’re all on display. The images were sourced from many of Phil’s customers and friends. Each motorcycle project details the products supplied for that particular model, be it factory specification or bespoke customisation.

Phil’s a huge fan of the BSA Goldstar (some would go a little further and say he’s obsessed!) so his own bikes - a BSA DB34 Gold Star and a Norton Commando fastback are also featured on the website.


Phil has never been busier "it's been my best quarter in years" and the wheel work keeps coming through the door.