Reverse V Project


The Reverse V project re-creates one of the greatest surfboard collections in modern surfing history. Between 1990 and 1992, renowned designer/shaper Maurice Cole built six magic surfboards for Tom Curren. With these breakthrough designs underfoot, Tom went on to win the World Surfing Title. The Reverse V Collectors Edition contains six surfboards shaped by Maurice to the exact specifications of the originals, as well as a limited edition case bound book, written by surf journalist Nick Carroll and designed by ThompsonCooke Creative. The book features the story of how the Reverse V was developed and how it revolutionised surfboard design.



We created a unique brandmark, website, merchandise and trade show signage. The Reverse V brandmark is a calligraphic play on the "R" - Reversed, and the "V". The colour depicts the rails of the famous 6' 8" - Reverse V "sticker-less" board surfed by Tom Curren at Backdoor Pipeline, on which he performed what many experts consider to be the finest single surfing turn ever - a magnificent full rail cutback!


The Reverse V website features information and images about the collectors edition surfboards, book and merchandise. The site incorporates a blog for news on Maurice and Tom's Reverse V travels, as well as an online shop and order form.


The Reverse V project was launched in Southern California at "The Boardroom Show". There was enthusiastic interest in the project and in the Collector Editions. Many enquiries and subscriptions to the Reverse V Newsletter were received via the website.

Richard Cooke