Bekio Pastries


Bekio is a new Australian owned, range of imported European pastries.



ThompsonCooke Creative were given the opportunity to create the Brand name, the Brand mark and a range of packaging.


The first challenge was to come up with a distinctive, memorable and engaging name. These days brands are global, so it's often quite difficult to find a name that ticks all the boxes and where the domain name is also available. The brand name Bekio was a word we created. It was selected unanimously by our clients and the team at ThompsonCooke Creative, out of a list of around 80 names and a short list of 5.

The brand mark for Bekio evokes memories of traditional biscuits and pastries and is designed to have a strong on shelf presence in supermarkets and specialty stores. The glowing colour graduation in the brand mark and the off white we chose for the typography contributes to the brands inviting warmth.

The first pack designed for the Bekio range was for Authentic Liege Waffles. These waffles with sugar pearls are made in Belgium to a traditional recipe. Strong branding and a yellow striped pattern convey the warmth of the brand and will continue across the entire range of pastries. Distinctive typography highlights the key messages on the pack. Photography on each side of the packaging provides inspiration for the many ways to serve these decadent Liege Waffles.

Richard Cooke