RoRo Enterprises


After many years of experience working for a diverse range of major health organisations throughout Australasia, the team at RoRo Enterprises now offer their expertise to health organisation's around the globe. RoRo required a professional, distinctive and engaging brandmark and website to reflect their innovative approach and years of experience in the field of Health System Architecture.



The Brandmark is designed to reflect the adaptability of the organisation, RoRo Health System Architecture is all about turning conventional thinking on its head. You start from the positive outcome you desire and design systems to get you there. The colour selected for the brand and collateral is strong, engaging and down to earth. The brandmark makes use of a modified 'Libre Baskerville' - used in an unusual and surprising way. It was selected for its professional and timeless look and for its italic font, which is perfect for conversational items. 'Open Sans' is used for body copy - both fonts are available for print and web applications.



The website highlights the positive outcomes of innovative applied systems architecture. The site communicates the information in a user-friendly way with a tone of voice that reflects the RoRo teams expertise and innovation. The website is designed with an extensive blog section to initiate conversation with RoRo’s existing and potential clients.



The branding was adapted for use on business cards, letterheads and other printed items and will make use of a digital metallic process.

Richard Cooke