DeBortoli Wines

A great family business



ThompsonCooke Creative worked with the DeBortoli family for a number of years, producing everything from a business card to the Commonwealth Games Sponsorship advertising campaign. We worked closely with each of the wineries to determine exactly what strategy was appropriate for each product and target audience. Below is just a selection of work we created.


Brandmark - Crest and Signature. We re-created the existing DeBortoli Wines crest to make it more adaptable and user friendly across an entire range of media. We also created a casual, signature sign-off for the DeBortoli brand.

We also created a brand (and collateral) for Richard Thomas Cheese. These cheese shops were opened at each of the DeBortoli Wines cellar doors, throughout Australia.

Cellar Door Posters

A series of art quality A2 corporate posters, sold at the DeBortoli Wines cellar door. The posters are based on the family's 75 year winemaking tradition.

Fortified Wine Labelling & packaging

Fresh and vibrant packaging for DeBortoli's medium priced, fortified wines. Sold in major retail chains throughout Australia, the product was required to stand out on shelf, amongst the more traditional, Muscat and Tawny Port packaging.

Two Litre Casks

To communicate that DeBortoli 2 litre casks contain premium bottle quality wine, we created packaging inspired by traditional wine labels, complete with wine makers notes.


We created numerous ad campaigns for DeBortoli Wines:
1. Commonwealth Games Advertising - Promoting specific brands with an in-store competition, backed up with magazine and tabloid advertising.
2. Two litre Cask Advertising - specificly targeted, quirky magazine advertisements to promote the new two litre cask range.
3. DeBortoli Wines Advertising - to promote the DeBortoli family brand, rather than specific products.
4. Product advertising - full page magazine advertising, niche targeted for each product.

Yearly Calender

A proposed design for DeBortoli Wines annual calendar. It features traditional Italian dishes, each carefully matched with a selected wine.